7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die - Currently in Alpha

7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mash up of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth.

Now The "Official" Reddit Server (Server #1).
Our server sports a "The Walking Dead" theme and modifications to the game to instill a sense of realism.


  • Jezz & Kel
  • Verrix
  • Supa
  • Arik De Frasia
Many thanks for your support and keeping the server alive with your generous donations. It is truly appreciated. :)

Admins - Couldn't do it without you guys!  THANKS!

  • LimeyRon (don't eat me)
  • Chaos (all the variations)

Configuration / Mods

  • Many Custom Recipes
  • Enemy Damage Given and Received is set to maximum.
  • Zombie damage against blocks has been reduced.
  • Zombie's always walk.
  • Overall Day length is 60 minutes, Night percentage is 30.
  • Loot respawning is set to refresh about 4 times a IRL day.
  • Loot spawning is 100%
  • World Is Random Gen
  • PvE ONLY - Destruction / Theft / Murder / Cheating - Instant Perma-Ban. We can and WILL ban you, even if you're offline. Bans will be submitted to the GBL. We'd rather not though, so play nice. :D
  • No duping, super-stacking, cheating, racism, sexism, slurs, etc. Violators will be banned.
  • We have Goodies! enabled. 1 allowed every 5 minutes.
  • Drop on Death = Belt Only
  • Server managed by the FrontRunnerTek Server Manager.
    As such, it is protected by the Global Ban List, so play nice.
    We also have Player Mapping / Tracking and Chatlogs, to resolve any potential issues between users (though we have a GREAT group of players.) :)

If you're interested in joining our server, hop over to the 7 Days To Die subreddit and check out the info in the sidebar.

Hope to see you in the game! :)

Restarts and Wipes!

We also restart the server every hour IF there are no players online. There will be a notice in the Game's Chatbox with a 1 minute warning. Clear your crafting grid and get somewhere safe. :) The server only takes a couple of seconds to restart and you can log right back in.

Server Wipes! We only wipe if the Fun Pimps release an update that changes / adds world asset files that typically cause bugs in the world (black blocks, non-stop console errors, etc). Since most clients update automatically, our process will be as follows:

  • Players and Server are updated to latest patch. Server will be configured with TWD Mods and Recipes
  • Players will log onto the server and stuff their bags / belt with items they'd like to carry over to the new world
  • Players will log out, and the server will be shutdown and the existing world wiped
  • Players will log back onto the server and all should be good. IF we encounter any issues with the player files, we MAY need to wipe player files as well, which will require an additional server restart

Base Design

This site / webapp was designed for MineCraft, but will work in principle for our layouts.



Server Management

The Custom 7 Days To Die Server Manager has moved to it's own page - HERE



FrontRunnerTek Rules of Conduct

Not abiding by any of the following rules WILL result in permanent banning.

You must respect others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not harass, defraud, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. All players should stay as polite as possible - immature and childish behavior can lead to punishment.

You must not use any form of harmful, threatening, abusive, hateful, racist or ethnically offensive language to personally attack other users. You are allowed to tease your opponents for competition purposes but don't push it. Any type of abusive bad language that is regarded unacceptable by the staff will be punished.

Never impersonate any staff member or pretend to be part of the staff yourself with the intent of deceiving other people. Breaking this rule can lead to a permanent ban.

When using the Trade Chat, avoid spamming it or using it for unrelated chitchat as it can lead to punishment if done repeatedly and caught by a staff member in-game.

You must not use any unauthorized third party programs that directly/indirectly interfere with the game play of the server. To this extent, you may not make use of any automated programs such as bots, auto-clickers, and related programs.
You must not modify any part of the FrontRunnerTek client in order to gain advantages.

You must not make use of a game bug to gain unfair advantages. However, if you abuse a game bug by accident then you are duty-bound to report it immediately on our forums.

You must not deceive other players with false promises with the intent to get their items, account information or anything for that matter. Breaking this rule can result in complete exclusion from the game.

Kill Stealing is an offense and may lead to punishment.
It is up to users to prove their right to a spawn, it is assumed to be no one's until proven otherwise. If a user(s) cannot prove the spawn was free of other user(s) before fighting in a spawn, their portion of the case is dismissed. If both the offending and defending parties cannot prove this, the entire case is dismissed. If a user is not responding for 5 minutes or greater, they are considered not to be present and the spawn is thus free of their claim to it [their character alone does not make them present in a spawn]. Proving this is entirely up to the user, and intervals of less than 5 minutes of no response will not be considered and in this situation they can be reported for ksing themselves with an ensuing punishment. Should a user become present again by response or action who was previously not, they are considered the kser if they were proven not to be considered present for at least 5 minutes and will be given appropriate punishment.

It is strictly forbidden to sell in-game property or anything else related to FrontRunnerTek for real currencies or trade it for content from other servers. You may only sell FrontRunnerTek content for in-game gold or coins or trade it for other FrontRunnerTek content. Also, trading of FrontRunnerTek content (such as accounts and items) outside FrontRunnerTek (game or forum) is strictly forbidden and may lead to punishment.
Advertising the intent to or commit the act of buying or selling game content for real money around the donation-system, will lead to punishment.

Do not promote your cellphone number, nor address, nor websites or other games.

Actions taken against violations:

Informal warning
An informal warning is given if the Moderator or Administrator determines that the offense is not severe enough to ban the user. An informal warning is a private correspondence between the Moderator or Administrator and the violator advising the violator of the offense and what (s)he can do to correct it.

If the user continues violating the rules despite being warned, or if the violation alone is severe enough, he will be banned. There are different types of bans which the Moderators or Administrators may choose from. These include (but are not limited to):

  • A warning
  • Temporary ban; duration usually varies from 1 day to a week or more
  • Permanent ban
  • IP ban; used in extreme cases where there are several violations, or in cases where the violator has shown completely unacceptable behavior



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