GLOBAL BAN LIST for 7 Days To Die

The idea behind the GBL is that it's a community generated ban list, where no one admin can ban a player community wide.


Using the Server Manager from FrontRunnerTek, an admin may OPT-IN to the GBL features. If opted-in, when an admin Bans a player from their server locally, they will be given the option of sending that player's SteamID, Player Name and Reason for the Ban to the GBL service (which is hosted by FrontRunnerTek and in association with the Cursed Earth gaming community).

If the Admin accepts, the information will be sent to the GBL service.

A player must be Banned to the GBL 3 times before it is permanent. The bans MUST come from 3 different gaming servers, this way one admin with a grudge cannot cause a player to be banned community wide. The system checks and verifies this. If an admin attempts to ban the same player more than once, they will receive a notice.

On the other side, when a player logs into a server which is running the Server Manager from FrontRunnerTek, and the admin has opted-in to the GBL, the player's steamID is checked against the GBL.

If they're not in the GBL, they are left alone.

If their steamID is found in the GBL, a response will be provided back to the Server Manager with the number of times the player has been banned in the community, and the reason for the last ban (as provided to the GBL service).

At this point a PopUp dialog will appear in the Server Manager for the Game Server's Admin to take an action. A message will also be broadcast in-game that the player is on the banlist and for them to continue in game, an admin needs to take action (this way, if the admin is playing too, they'll see the message).

They will be shown the player's steamID, player Name and the reason for their last ban. They will have the option of kicking the player immediately, or allowing the player to continue on their server. If the admin is not there to take action, the PopUp has a timeout of 1 minute and the player will be auto-kicked. Any players that are auto-kicked will be added to a list in the Server Manager for the admin to review at a later point.

If the admin chooses to allow the player onto the server, a Server Message will be broadcast with the following text.
"{PlayerName} you were identified on the Global Ban List (Reason: {reason})), but the admin is allowing you to play. Play nice or you will be banned from this server. This message was auto-generated".

There will also be an auto-expire for bans if the ban count is not 3 (permanent. If it's been 2 weeks since their last ban, they will have 1 ban report removed. In this way, if someone made a mistake, or the player has learned their lesson, things will be smooth from there on out. If they reach 3, there's no helping them, and they're on the ban list for life.

More Details

You can manually check the status of a player by SteamID64 [here]. The page can also be embedded into your gaming group's website if you'd like.


We have a listing of public servers which have submitted their details. This is a list of servers which are using the Global Ban List and have submitted their server to this public list. Their opt-in status is checked regularly, so you can be assured that you will be playing on servers protected by the GBL.

Review Process

All ban submissions are subjected to a review process by an independent party (FrontRunnerTek or CursedEarth, reviews will not be done of own ban submissions). Frivolous, Abusive and Silly bans, and other bans that do not meet the standards of the GBL service will be removed.

Appeal Process

We are currently implementing an appeal process where players who feel they were wrongly banned can have their ban reviewed by an independent party (FrontRunnerTek or CursedEarth, reviews will not be done of own ban submissions).


With the most recent release of the Server Manager (, we are requiring that each admin / SM install submit an email address and confirm it before GBL ban submissions will be allowed.

Additionally, when submitting a ban to the GBL service, you will be prompted for an overall category (from a dropdown list), and a detailed explanation for the reason of the ban (at least a sentence or two please).

This is to provide a better service to all parties.

It gives information to other server admins so they may know exactly why a player is on the ban list so they can determine if they want to allow that player on their server or not (we all have different rules and tolerances), and allows us, FrontRunnerTek and Cursed Earth Gaming, to better investigate bans that  receive review requests, and to remove silly, frivolous and abusive bans.

Cursed Earth GBL Links: View Banned Players, View GBL Protected Servers

Many Thanks to the Cursed Earth Gaming Community for their partnership to make this a fair and successful system , as well as all the other game server admins for their support of this service.




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